Liquido, Solido, Litico

Curated by Raffaello Galiotto

Hall 1
26 September - 29 September
Veronafiere S.p.A.
Lorenzo Damiani / Gmm, Gruppo Tosco Marmi, Licom Systems – Alphacam
Francesco Faccin / Silvestri Marmi
Raffaello Galiotto / Margraf
Emanuel Gargano / Ramella Graniti, Trambisera Marmi
Gumdesign / Pimar, Pellegrini Meccanica
Giulio Iacchetti / Helios Automazioni, Antolini
Moreno Ratti / Petris - Stonethica
Elena Salmistraro / Vicentina Marmi, Donatoni Macchine, Cave Gamba
Pio & Tito Toso / Bianco Cave

26-29 September 2018

Liquido, Solido, Litico

Raffaello Galiotto

The Liquido, Solido, Litico exhibition – curated by Raffaello Galliotto and installed within the scope of The Italian Stone Theatre – sets off from the central theme of the Hall – water – to analyse its ancient bond with stone in greater detail: two natural elements whose destiny is to model each other. Water, whose perpetual cycle of flowing down towards the sea erodes rocks, and stone, that holds and embraces shapeless liquid in its cavities.
Mankind has also become involved in this relationship: since ancient times, people have carved the hardest and most resistant material to make hollow, sloping and smooth objects to contain, channel and flow water that simply cannot be gripped in our hands.

This event experiments with new forms and functions of products in stone intended for use with water through implementations characterised by innovative numerical control machining operations. The exhibition is spread across three islands where nine projects created by well-known designers and produced by Italian companies of excellence in the stone industry are installed.



Project General layout Hall 1
Companies Mec, Materica Stone
Material Gneiss Blumaggia

The exhibition and installations of the Italian Stone Theater can also be visited by a path that crosses the large reservoir in the center of Hall1. Walking along the special stone pier that connects the opposite banks, you can see alternative views of architecture and design works, in a total immersion in the theme of the pavilion, stone and water.