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26 September
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Ristorante d’autore 2018 | STONE POOL

Curated by Adi Delegazione Veneto e Trentino Alto Adige

The shape of water

curated by ADI Veneto & Trentino Alto Adige Delegation
Concept and coordination: Silvia Sandini
Video curated by Alessandro Barison
Set-up design: Michela Baldessari, Paolo Criveller, Luca Facchini, Valerio Facchin, Silvia Sandini and Carlo Trevisani.
With the Wines of “Tommasi Family Estates”

The energy of water is welcoming by its very nature and the Restaurant is equally a welcoming and convivial place where excellent food is served together with a careful selection of wines by Tommasi Family Estates, historical producers of Valpolicella Classic wine that today owns estates in 5 regions of Italy.

The theme of the project is to analyse aspects of the mass of water, interpreting it to give shape to the objects decorating the Restaurant to make guests feel welcomed by the movement and sensations of water flowing in a natural setting.

The materials representing the shape of water will be marble or other natural stones, shaped and modelled by rain, streams and the sea. Over millions of years, water and stone have merged into a single form that is donated to us by nature but which we often do not observe enough.

The shape of water changes constantly. Every element that comes into relationship with its mass changes its state in that precise instant and a moment later it is already new and different again. The Ristorante d’Autore project titled The Shape of Water is rather like a snapshot, a photo capturing the fleeting moment.

The “Ristorante d’Autore” is characterized by the project involving of 12 different dining tables with tops in marble or other natural stones that represent the shape of water as seen by six designers; the set-up for the location will complete the project by creating magical, evocative surroundings.

Once again this year, cuisine will be prepared by four famous Italian chefs taking turns to present special menus conceived to make lunch an even more exciting experience: Wednesday 26 opens with Marco Pernati of Manuelina Restaurant, Recco (Genoa); the day after – Thursday 27 – sees the turn of Giancarlo Perbellini of Casa Perbellini, Verona; Friday 28 is the turn of Enrico Bartolini of Glam Restaurant in Venice and, lastly, the cycle closes on Saturday 29 with Matteo Grandi of Degusto Restaurant, San Bonifacio (Verona).

Reception desk: Marmi Remuzzi Bergamo – Bislapis product


“Porto di Mare”: Luca Facchini / LAVAGNOLI MARMI
“Solid”: Paolo Criveller / LAVAGNOLI MARMI
“Drop 01”: Carlo Trevisani / C.M.M.
“Drop 02”: Carlo Trevisani / CELESTE FASANI
“Specchio d’acqua” and “La Plage Acqua Azzurra”: Michela Baldessari / MONDO MARMO DESIGN
“Polosciolto”: Luca Facchini / INTERMAC
“Reflections”: Paolo Criveller / INTERMAC
“Stop Plastic Bags in the Sea” and “Brezza” Silvia Sandini / C.M.M.
“Erosione”: Valerio Facchin / ATHENA MARMI
“Raining”:  Valerio Facchin / ESSEGI MARMI


We especially wish to thank the companies that contributed to these set-ups for “Ristorante d’Autore” StonePool: chairs by Magis and chandeliers by Zava